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rear bumper protection

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Toyota Front Bumper Guard The time of damaged bumpers is over! Here is a 2005 Toyota Prius in white with our industrial strength Rear Bumper Guard. We offer more than 25 colors to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find that perfect match!
Bumper Guards Available in 2 widths and over 25 colors makes our Rear Bumper Guards blending flawlessly you’re your car easy! As seen to the left by a customer’s close up of their 2006 Toyota Camry.
Honda Accord Front Bumper Guards Displayed here is a customer’s 2006 Toyota Camry Sedan. Not only are our Rear Bumper Guards available in a variety of colors to ensure the perfect match, they are also available in 1 and 2-inch width to guarantee the look and protection your car deserves!
Honda Pilot Bumper Guard Rear Bumper Guards work with your SUVs too! Just because your SUV is higher than most cars, it doesn’t make your bumpers any less susceptible to damage. Here is a 2006 Nissan Murano in Silver with our 2-inch full length Rear Bumper Guard
Honda Pilot Bumper Guard Protecting your bumpers from street parkers is a must! Bumper Defender offers not only top quality bumper protection, but its sleek and stylish too! As seen here on a customer’s 2005 Beige Honda Pilot our Rear Bumper Guards blend in perfectly!
Honda Front Bumper Guard Rest assured our Rear Bumper Guard will do the job! Available in 2 widths, our Rear Bumper guard will blend with your vehicle as it does with the 2005 Honda Pilot pictured to the left, while protecting that easily dented and dinged rear bumper.
Honda Accord Bumper Guard Protect your corners and your rear bumper with our full length Rear Bumper Guard, displayed on a 2005 Honda Civic Sedan. Bumper  protection and seamless blending makes Bumper Guards the product for you!
Accord Bumper Guard Rather than paying over $800 to get your bumper repainted, be proactive and prevent the damage! Seen here is a 2005 Honda Accord with our full length Rear Bumper Guard.
Honda Front Bumper Guards Prevent those nicks, scratches and dings from careless street parkers without ruining the look of your car. Our Rear Bumper Guard is designed to provide the ultimate bumper protection while keeping your car looking stylish.
BMW Front Bumper Guard Make your street parking worries a thing of the past! To the left, a 2006 Toyota Prius with our full length Rear Bumper Guard in white. This guard not only protects your car, it blends in seamlessly and it’s simple to install.
These pictures are of customer vehicles that have installed our Rear Bumper Guard and Rear Bumper Protector.  Please review the photo’s to get a better idea of what our bumper protector will look like installed on your vehicle. 

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