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NOT SURE OF THE CORRECT COLOR ? If you are not sure of the color selection, please order a color chip sample for a best match. Bumper guards are close approximations and may vary slightly from actual color of vehicle. If you have any questions, please contact us prior to ordering. (*not recommended for repainted bumpers)

door edge guards
car bumper protector
- Non-stick coated blade
- Carbon steel blade
- Dual layer comfort grips

Reg $24.95  - SALE $19.95

Installation Videos

Tip & Techniques Installation Video - The following video will demonstrate the correct tips, tools and technique for correct rear bumper guard and bumper protector installation. The installation of bumper guards, door edge guards, and car door protectors is fast and easy. This video will cover the following information: surface preparation, measuring instructions.

Door Edge Guard Installation - Basic install instructions of color matched door edge guards and car door edge guards. Installation video covers surface preparation, measuring, attachment and finishing instructions. Car door edge guards are available in over 50+ colors. Installation of door edge guards is fast and simple when installed correctly.

Additional Information About Door Edge Guards

Car Door Edge Guards Can Save Your Door Edge From Ugly Chips

Car door edge guards are the easiest way to protect your car door edge from dents and scratches. The car door edge is most susceptible to damage because of its narrow surface area. You can help protect your car door edge with our color matched car door edge guards. (Note: color matched car door edge guards are not painted to your factory color code, so you need to select the closest match).

Not All Car Door Edge Guards Are The Same
Our car door edge guards are unique because they attach using a 3M adhesive. The adhesive ensures a lasting fit and also keeps dirt and water from accumulating behind the door guard – this is a common problem with slide on car door edge guards. Don’t be fooled by imitation car door edge guards that are cheaply priced. Many of these products are slide onto the door edge, and after a few months they slide off entirely. Don’t waste your time or money with cheap imitation door edge guards.

Quality Auto Door Edge Guards
Our premium quality car door edge guards are what hi-end car dealerships use. Car door edge guards are super easy to install, just peel back the adhesive backing and stick-on. With over 50 colors available for auto door edge guards, car bumper guards and frot and rear bumper protectors you will surely find something that matches.

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