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rear bumper protection

Installation Tutorials

2" Bumper Guard ( Installation of 2" Bumper Guard )
1" Bumper Guard ( Installation of 1" Bumper Guard )
Corner Bumper Guards ( Installation of Corner Bumper Guards )
Door Edge Guards ( Installation of Door Edge Guards )
Car Door Guards ( Installation of Car Door Guards )

1" Bumper Guard Installation

A step-by-step guide on how to install our 1" Car Bumper Protection products.  Our car bumper protectors, corner bumper guards, door edge guards, and car door guards. are simple to install.  Follow the easy step by step directions for a seamless installation of our bumper protector and rear bumper protectors.

Weather Conditions (Installation)

sunny weather bumper guards

Hot Weather Installation and Removal Tips
Best installation is at temperatures above > 60 degree F. The hotter the better, as the bumper guards are more flexible and adhere better when warm. Also, removing the bumper protectors is easier when the temperature is hot outside. To remove pull back slowly - if product does not pull off easily use a hair dryer to warm the product or park in direct sun to warm the product.

cold weather bumper protection Cold Climate Installation and Removal Tips
During the cold months when the outside temperature is below <60 degree F, it is best to install the bumper guards indoors (in a heated space). keep the bumper guards indoors until ready to use. For installation below 60 degrees you may need to use a hairdryer or heater to warm the product and/or vehicle surface. Note: The bumper guards get stiffer as the weather gets colder, so removal may be more difficult. A hairdryer can be used to warm the product, which makes removal easier. Heat one section at a time.

Installation - The following video will demonstrate the correct tips, tools and technique for correct rear bumper guard and bumper protector installation. The installation of bumper guards, door edge guards, and car door protectors is fast and easy. This tips and techniques video will cover the following information: surface preparation, measuring and attachment instructions. Please visit http://www.bumperdefender.com for more information.

Installation - 1" corner bumper guard and front bumper guard basic installation video covers proper surface preparation, measuring, masking and attachment instructions. Our installation video makes installing corner bumper guards and front bumper guards fast and easy.

rear bumper guards rear bumper protection

Tools Required:
Bumper Guard Cutter(straight Edge)
(*Scissors or Pliers will not cut properly*)
Masking Tape
Pencil or Crayon
Measuring Tape

If you are not sure of the color, please order a color sample for a best match. Bumper guards are close approximations and may vary slightly from actual color of vehicle.
(*not recommended for repainted bumpers)

bumper guards car bumper protector

Measure the bumper from wheel edge to wheel edge to determine bumper protector quantity. We always recommend ordering a few inches extra.

It is important to clean the application area throughly before installing the bumper guards. The cleaning process will remove any dirt, oils or wax.

car bumper protection bumper protector

STEP ONE - For a straight installation use masking tape as a guide. Tack one end of the masking tape to the bumper edge and work your way around the bumper. For a straight edge lift the tape as one piece and tack the tape at the opposite end of the bumper.    (Note:  Tacking down the tape as you move along will result in a crooked line).   To reposition lift the entire tape as one piece and reposition.   Make sure the tape is perfectly straight by viewing from different angles. This is the hardest part of the installation, so take your time and be patient.

bumper protection rear bumper protectors

STEP TWO - using the tape as a guide begin attaching the bumper guards. *****Do not press firmly in place until you are satisfied with the positioning******. Make sure you lift and cut the ends before pressing down.

STEP THREE -For a professional look cut the ends on an angle. Use a straight edge to mark the cut location. Some people do this step at the very beginning.


car bumper guards car bumper damage

STEP FOUR - Use a ruler to make a straight line. Follow the angle of the wheel edge.

STEP FIVE - Trim the edge with a power cutter(Note: scissors and pliers will notbe able to cut). The color runs through the product, so the cut end does not need painting.

Front Bumper Guard

Summary: 1" bumper guards are more flexible and easier to install on very sharp angles. Luckily the weather was hot and we left the bumper guards outside in the heat, which made them very flexible. The customer above wanted added protection, so she asked us to double up the bumper guards (we stuck an additional bumper guard on top of the installed one - this adds depth (approx 1/4")...see pic below. You can also place additional bumper guards above or below the existing one for added protection.

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